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Summer Shape Up

by Emily Parks 26 Mar 2020

The last day of summer has been and gone and we need to start preparing for the inevitable…winter is coming! We hope you made the most of the long summer days with sand between your toes (and in the baby’s mouth!) We’re guessing you managed a few strolls along the beach with your Edwards & Co stroller? Many of us live at the beach in the summertime and with Oscar’s three-wheel, all-terrain capabilities, it’s no wonder you'd like to use your stroller on the beach. The storage basket is a generous size which allows you to pack all the food, blankets and beach gear you need for a day of fun.

Let’s talk about taking care of your beach-loving stroller

Don’t you love taking a shower after a day at the beach? Washing off the sand, salt water and sunblock leaves you feeling refreshed (and really tired…that sunny, salt air is to blame!)

Your stroller needs this same care and should be wiped down after coming into contact with water and salt. Corrosion on the stroller's metal is caused by water. The plating’s on the rivets and screws are designed to withstand short bursts of water but don't cope with prolonged contact. Salt can then significantly accelerate the time it takes for corrosion to attack the parts.
While we do as much as possible to prevent corrosion, we do not provide any guarantees against it because we cannot control how you maintain and use the product nor the environment it's used in.

Like a car, bike or any mechanical product, salt water is extremely damaging to the metal parts on the stroller.

We do our best to explain to customers how important it is to maintain and care for their stroller according to our instructions to prevent any issues, whether it be corrosion or other issues. To this end, we include warnings and supplementary servicing guides with every stroller we sell.

In particular (excerpt from the Servicing Guide included with the stroller):

"To prevent the metal components from rusting, wipe down your stroller frame after beach or rain use, especially when used in windy & exposed areas. Always store in a dry place. Do not store your stroller in a damp environment that is not well insulated (such as an unfinished basement or outdoor shed). If you do find some corrosion forming on the rivets or screws, you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Dry it overnight, then liberally apply a layer of WD-40 as above. Repeat monthly. This prevents the corrosion from re-forming." 

Do you have an Oscar Mx?

Download our Servicing Guide to service your Oscar Mx stroller at home, or watch our How-To video on YouTube.

Do you have an Oscar g3 (or earlier model)?

Download our Servicing Guide to service your Oscar g3 at home. 

The front wheel swivel on the earlier Oscar's could become jammed and hard to steer after use on the beach. The remedy for this is to pull the wheel out and give it a clean (this video will help you).
The latest model Oscar Mx won't have this problem as it has ball bearings instead.

Our strollers are designed to last and as such, are made with high-quality materials. However, care and maintenance of your stroller is your responsibility to ensure its long – and happy – life.

We encourage you to get out there with your kids. A stroll along the beach is great for a parent’s mental wellbeing and hopefully, lulls your little one to sleep. But please, take care of your stroller especially when using it around salt water.

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