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Life is easy with accessories

by Emily Parks 26 Mar 2020

A stroller and capsule are your ‘must-haves’ – you’re pretty set with those two items – but life can get even easier with our range of accessories. The best thing about the following six stroller add-ons is that they’re all multi-functional…even the cup holder!

Carry Cot
Not only does the Carry Cot click into your Edwards & Co stroller to allow for a disturbance-free walk with your newborn; the Carry Cot also becomes a bassinet or porta-cot on its own.

If you’ve not yet given birth to your first child, we’re about to let you in on a little secret: some babies refuse to sleep in the bassinet or cot you’ve lovingly placed in their nursery. But don’t worry, pop them in their stroller and you might just find they’re happy to take their afternoon nap (and give you a moment to drink your cuppa hot).

The Carry Cot has a sturdy, hard shell so can be placed on any flat surface and has a firm mattress which allows for safe sleeping. Let baby sleep anywhere in the house during the day as you move the Carry Cot around with you. Or, settle baby quickly by clicking the Carry Cot into your Oscar Mx and giving baby a little rock back and forth. 

Luxe Liner

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first; the Luxe Liner is machine washable, so any spills and stains can be removed easily. One less thing to worry about, right? It acts as a protective layer between your child and their stroller, keeping the stroller effortlessly clean.

It also has the great feature of keeping your child cool in the summer and warm in winter due to the material reducing moisture retention.

Sun Cover

The sun cover is pretty self-explanatory; it keeps your little one out of direct sunlight to protect their delicate skin.

It’s also a handy accessory for parents of newborns to give your baby privacy and keep them out of reach from nosy strangers. Pop the sun cover over your pram when you head to the mall or busy events and your baby is safely tucked away – the perfect environment for a snooze!

Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag will give you peace of mind on those freezing morning walks as your baby remains warm and snug, with no risk of kicking off a blanket. The sleeping bag attaches to your stroller via the straps and features a magnetic front edge to wrap around the bumper bar. 

What most people don’t realise is that the sleeping bag can be used year-round, even as the weather gets warmer. Just unzip the sleeping bag to remove the top layer and you’re left with a liner for your pram. It’s made of natural cotton which makes it breathable.

Travel Bag

We might have been a little ambitious when we said each of these accessories is multi-functional as the travel bag really only has one purpose: to keep your stroller protected when travelling.

However, if you do plan on travelling, the travel bag is a ‘must-have’ item. We’ve designed it with functionality in mind, so it has wheels to keep you moving through the airport faster.

It’s stylish, practical and fits all our strollers and many other brands – what more would you want?



Cup Holder

You probably think only certain types of people would have a cup holder on their pram. Let us just say, you want to be that person!

Yes, it’s super handy for holding your coffee cup so you can keep holding the pram with both hands but, it’s also perfect for keeping your bottle of water within easy reach and holding your keys so they don’t swim around in the bottom of the pram.

In a few years when your baby no longer needs the stroller, just unclip and use it as a pen holder on your desk. Told you our accessories are multi-functional!

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