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Our people, their stories: Tracey

by Emily Parks 07 Oct 2021

Like most companies, we think it's pretty essential for our team to work well together. We value open communication, bringing out the best in each other, and being kind and supportive. So what does that look like?

Pitching in and helping each other.
Working hard to achieve shared goals.
Looking for ways to improve, and always being proud of our products and success.

We also value flexibility. As individuals, we like flexibility within our role and working conditions, and as a team, we're adaptable, dynamic and creative. And this is what brings us to Tracey.

Tracey is our Fulfilment Assistant, a former Olympic athlete, and Drug Free Sport educator.When she's in the office, Tracey is the person responsible for fulfilling our customer orders and getting them down to the warehouse, ready to be sent out. After a Baby Expo or big sale period, Tracey is the one who steps up and comes in early/leaves late to ensure our customers get their orders on time. We've been happy to support Tracey's commitments outside of work, including time off for her recent role as a Duffy Books In School Ambassador.

1. What is a Duffy Books In School Ambassador?
Duffy Role Models are people from all walks of life who give out books to 'Duffy kids' from the Far North right through to Southland during Role Model assemblies. It's a great way to promote the message that "it's cool to read and to achieve". I pretty much visit schools (Decile 1-4) and hand out books to every single kid in the school and tell them about how reading was a big part of my life; even as an athlete at the Olympics, I still read often, and it was a great way to learn about where I was going.

2. What does it mean to you to be a Duffy Ambassador?
I found out about Duffy Books through a friend working with the organisation; I thought it was pretty amazing to give back to schools and inspire young kids. I've always enjoyed working with kids, coaching them in sport or inspiring them athletically academically?. I think back to the guest speakers I've listened to throughout my school and at events, and I love how the messages they promote inspire and encourage others to achieve. It's important to me because every child should have the opportunity to read and escape on adventures or learn about things they are interested in, like animals or space. The best part is when an older sibling tells me how they can't wait to get home and read with their little brother or sister, or if they get two books, how they have chosen a simpler book for their sibling.

3. What does your commitment look like?
I usually take about three days off work, which allows me to visit roughly nine schools. I tend to leave the night before my first visit and head home after the last school. There are about 520 Duffy schools in NZ, so I travel to a different region each time. In addition, I make at least two trips a year for the Duffy Assemblies.

4. What's it like working at Edwards & Co?
I enjoy working at Edwards & Co; it's been quite a big adjustment since leaving my last job at AUT Millennium Gym. But the chats are always entertaining, and I'm learning a lot, not just about strollers either. Every day is different, and everyone is always striving to do better, so it's a great environment to be in.

5. Do you feel supported at work?
I love how work allows me to take time off without a second thought. When looking for jobs, I was told that I would never find a place that would enable me to continue with all my other adventures, but I did. It's been so great to work and then give back to communities or educate our up and coming athletes.

6. Do you have anything else going on you'd like to share?
When I'm not working at Edwards & Co, I contract to Drug Free Sport New Zealand as an Educator. That means that I travel around educating athletes from all walks of life, as well as school students, on the responsibilities of being a clean athlete, with strong morals and ethics against cheating. And if I'm not doing this, I volunteer with Canoe Racing NZ as a training camp manager or supervisor. 

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