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Road Testing Olive

by Apoorva Vegesna 20 Dec 2022

Written by Genevieve Ali, mum of three (4 months, 2 years, 4 years)


Quite honestly I'm not sure what we did without our Olive! It has been an absolute life saver for our little family and especially with 3 young kiddies (now) 4 years and under, who are very active and LOVE the outdoors, it has helped with the ease of being out and about and on the go. Especially as I can tailor the set up to all different occasions!

The different configurations of the Olive mean that I can set up the pram to suit the kids needs as we go, and for what works best at the time. If my (now) 4 month old needs to sleep we often put the newborn insert cushion onto the lower seat and recline him and the canopy for his nap time. My (now) 2 year old daughter has absolutely taken reign of the top seat above (using the Upper Adapters) while my 4 year old scoots alongside us! TJ (4) also absolutely LOVES the bottom seat and any chance to have a rest so when he wants a break its easy to put my 4 month old in the front pack and TJ climbs into his spot on the bottom.  His favourite way to do this is to climb in from the bottom basket (which has the roomiest storage basket!) and hes always so impressed with himself getting to sit in his own bottom seat. In fact - this is NOT recommended by Edwards &Co. but because of the very impressive weight capacity of the Olive and how sturdy it is, occasionally he will stand on the front of the pram and giggle with his sister (and baby brother below) while I am walking and honestly I can hardly tell the weight difference (see photo!).




For a double pram, the small footprint and super quick folding mechanism mean I can easily (AND QUICKLY!) pack it in and out of the car, even post c-section! To me the fact that the body of the pram folds down with 1 of the seats is a game changer, and the pram and the second seat are so light it makes it simple and quick to unpack and pack away - in a hurry. I always pack the second seat and the buggy board into the boot too and that way I can just choose what set up works best for us at the time. Other prams I have used in the past have had to be separated when packed into the car which takes time, OR they take up so much space in the boot it's a struggle to lift them in and out. This is absolutely not the case with the Olive, and even after my third c-section I have found it so light to maneuver. More importantly with 3 little ones it certainly feels like it takes a good 10 minutes loading the kids in and out of the car, and I swear this is where I have had to teach myself patience! No one moves slower than toddlers when you are in a hurry - ha! But because of the ease of the folding mechanism of the Olive pram + 1 seat (even with the extended brackets on), it takes no time at all. In fact, I actually prefer putting my baby Ollie (4 months) in the pram for kindy drop offs rather than carrying him in the capsule, as it is literally 30 seconds to set up from the boot and back again! 


I would have to say my favourite feature of the Olive is how flexible the pram is for all situations - whether it's as a single pram for my baby, or a family pram with a second seat OR the buggy board. I love that I can also face my 4 month old towards me so he can see me and off we go. And honestly I found having him in the single seat, with the Upper Adapters on to make the seat higher, so helpful after my c-section when I was having to be weary of getting around and chasing after 2 other young children!   The newborn insert (for use up to 6 months) that I store in the spacious storage basket also means that if he gets tired while we are out I can just recline the seat backwards and he can sleep on the go. And of course when the other kids are around I can simply slide him into the seat on the bottom from the top handlebar, OR if he has fallen asleep I take off the top seat and put him in the bottom seat first. and the older ones can sit above and look out. All this can also be done one handed (with a babe in your arms) as I can assure you I have done many times :p 


There is no doubt for a busy family that love to be out and about, the Olive has made our lives so much easier and allowed us to do so much more even with a newborn. I'm looking forward to the summer holidays coming up and being able to be that much more adventurous because of it!

Bring on the summer beach days where the two little ones can have their naps in the pram! 

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