Pram Accessories

Edwards & Co prams are designed to move your young family in safety and style, and our accessories let you further adapt your pram to improve each outing. Our range of stroller accessories combine with Edwards & Co prams to enhance the experience by making it more comfortable and fun for everyone.

The Otto sun cover maximises airflow but protects your baby's perfect yet sensitive skin from 70% of UVA and UVB rays on a hot sunny day. Or there's the Otto rain cover for those not-so-sunny times. The snack tray keeps your baby gourmet satisfied while you're on the go; there's no need to urgently break stride to swap a blueberry for a cracker. And, of course, every modern vehicle needs a cup holder when you need a caffeinated pick-me-up. Our stroller organiser is a pram caddy that attaches to the handle of your Edwards & Co pram. It minimises the number of bags you'll need to bring and the brainpower required to remember what you did with the keys, bottles, wallet and whatnot.

Australia loves Edwards & Co prams. Our accessories give you and your baby even more to love. Look at our range and see how we've made our prams even better.